Why should I choose Advantage Church Signs over other Sign Companies? We are not just your ordinary commercial sign company. Our 20 years Ministry experience, backed by 40 years of Sign Manufacturing right here in the USA in a facility that has manufactured over 20,000 institutional signs, makes us a chosen leader in the School Sign, Business Sign, and Church Sign industry. If you are looking for a proven quality institutional sign that won't break the bank, you can count on Advantage Church Signs!


TOP QUALITY FEATURES on every one of our Lighted Church Signs include:

  • Aluminum cabinets
  • PPG Delta Graffiti Resistant Industrial Coatings
  • Solar grade GE Lexan -- Sign Faces are unbreakable
  • UL listed wiring
  • Very affordable, Top Quality Outdoor Signs and Custom Signs
  • Our signs feature a Lifetime Warranty
  • Made here in the United States for 40 years
  • Call or Contact us for information and Free Sign Designer Software


  • Whether chooosing an electronic message center incorporated seamlessly into one of our quality constructed sign cabinets ...
  • or an LED message center incorporated into our upscale monument sign...
  • Or a stand alone LED...
  • Or in indoor LED...

We offer an LED Sign that will meet the needs of both the budget-minded and quality conscious!

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All The Signs You Need

All businesses, churches, and schools need signs.  Signs are what demarcate a building as being not just a building but a structure with a purpose.  That could mean a place of business, a place of worship, or a place where people come to learn. 

Our signs have a long established track record of being a reliable source for all your sign needs.  20,000 + signs manufactured here in the USA for 40 years.

We even have 20 years of Ministry experience to show our dedication to that particular facet of the sign manufacturing business.  Our signs are affordable, high quality, and stand on years of experience.

Business Signs

We provide quality signs for businesses.  Business signs are essential.  They help customers locate your business.  We provide letter signs, lighted signs, or a custom sign. 

Signs for business can make an impression before a customer even walks in the front door so go with an experienced sign manufacturer with a final product you can trust. 

We supply custom business signs, outdoor business signs, or backlit business signs.  It all depends on what you want and what would work best for your business.

Church Signs

We provide custom church signs.  When you are looking for a church sign, you want one that conveys the gravity and respect that a house of worship requires.  We  supply, among others, Catholic church signs, Baptist church signs, lighted church signs, and outdoor church signs. 

Exterior church signs are an important part of church signage.  They convey the meaning of your church to all those who pass by. 

We have 20 years experience in Ministry so can create an appropriate sign for your church.  Whether you are looking for custom church signs, exterior church signs, or denominational church signs, ie. Baptist church sign, we can create a sign for you.

School Signs

There are many different schools signs.  School signs help those who attend the school and those who visit the school for other reasons.  Signs help people to not only locate the building but to learn the rules of the school and its grounds from the school sign. 

These informational signs include school traffic signs, school zone signs, and other outdoor schools signs.  These may be elementary signs, high school signs, or signs for schools of any level.  

Whatever your outdoor school sign or school signage needs, we are here to provide it.  If you need any sign for a school then come to us.

Our commercial signs are built on experience.  Our experience allows you to trust us with all your business, church, and school signage needs.  Remember ... It is a good sign when there's 20,000 insitutional signs and 40 years experience behind our products. 





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