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"Everybody loved the new sign! What a great product, with great materials!" - Pastor Fryman, Friendship Baptist Church, Dickson, TN  "...The Signs are really great. Was so impressed...Thank you!" - Margaret B. "Thank you for all assistance given to us in making our first sign become a reality...We will continue to go forward with more signage..." - Ollie H.

Complete Led Packages Starting Under 9000! Indoor Units Starting at Low, Low Prices! Led Units Starting at $6900!

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From Mono to Full Color Led's, our Outdoor LED Signs (EMCs) bring excitement and high visibility to Churches, Schools, and Organizations all across America!

Affordable, state-of-the-art displays are used to promote worship and school and athletic activities throughout the facility, and to the local community with an impact that cannot be ignored:

Instantly communicate:

  • Broadcast daily/hourly affirmations, verse/spiritual statements to the entire community
  • Advertise festival activities and fund raising events
  • Promote school spirit and sporting events
  • Welcome important guests and groups to campus
  • Display community involvement, arts and events - ticket sales
  • Draw attention with time, temperature and date information
  • Remind students about safety and security programs, amber alerts
  • Add to scoreboard systems to create spectacular displays


Led signs used both indoors and out enhances and improves facility wide communication systems.

Communicate with visual impact:

  • Light color and motion demand attention and produce results
  • Recognize students, staff, and faculty at targeted locations
  • Wired or wireless networks expand network capabilities throughout your facilities
  • Solid state LED displays provide energy efficient communications 24/7


Create an exciting, unified, communication network throughout your religious facilities or campus. Use AlphaEclipse EMCs outdoors on; facility monuments, roadside pylons, parking lots, and walkways between buildings. Add indoor Alpha displays to; worship halls to show hymnal order, high traffic hallways, athletic scoreboards/locations, bookstores, student union boards and residence halls to complete the network. 

Read important Small Business Administration Government Study for information about LED Signs and how they can benefit your church, school, or business.

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