Exactly what is a composite?

"A structure or an entity made up of components in which two or more distinct substances combine to produce structural or functional properties not present in any individual component."

What does this mean to you? Simply put: "One Tough Sign!" 

Composite Sign Benefits

We use expanded polystyrene (EPS) to create a substrate that is strong yet lightweight, easily cut and shaped into designs that are almost impossible to create from metal. Then the substrate is sprayed with a structural polyurea hard coat, giving it uncompromised strength and durability. This composite manufacturing system allows us to create an extremely durable, architecturally pleasing sign that will not rust or rot.

The manufacturing plant has been molding expanded polystyrene (EPS) blocks and custom molded parts for more than 20 years. The entire manufacturing process is controlled from beginning to end, expanding and molding the EPS used in our signs.

The EPS core material gives the sign its shape and structure. Starting with the best material possible ensures the best, finished products. The quality of EPS that goes into our signs is closely monitored, without relying on outside suppliers. Our EPS conforms to ASTM C578-08 specifications.

In years past, some fabricators sold a sub-standard sign that was not designed for exterior environments manufactured from High-Density Urethane.

Our Monument Plus signs are made from a composite of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and a structural polyurea hard coat. Our signs are not made of high-density urethane (HDU).

We can turn your idea into reality. Our "one stop shop" gets your sign done on time and at the quoted price.

Our monument church signs and monument school signs are fabricated by trained technicians with years of sign manufacturing experience.

Attention to detail is not just a slogan - it's our passion! Our team truly cares about providing the best product in the church sign and school sign industry.

Purchasing a composite church sign or school sign now becomes a worry-free decision.