Superior Product Review


PPG Delta Thermally Cured Paint


Advantage Church Signs exclusively uses thermally cured industrial paints from PPG Delta, the leader in quality finishes. These finishes are applied to each metallic component of the sign, ensuring no gaps in coverage.

The baked on process offers a high standard of quality by providing uniform color consistency, superior durability, a tougher finish, and vandal resistance.


PPG Delta Powder Coat Paint


  • Uniform appearance - Superior color consistency with no runs or drips.
  • Superior durability - Baked on resulting in molecular cross-linking with underlying structure.
  • High gloss - Results in a professional, high quality look.
  • Chemical corrosion and rust protection - Resists most chemical compounds and deflects water.
  • Vandal Resistant - Spray paint and egg are easily removed with approved cleaners.


Lesser Competitor Paints


  • Non-uniform appearance - Blotchy or uneven paint application resulting in runs, drips, or uneven color.
  • Inferior durability - Not baked on so will chip, fade and scratch over time.
  • Low gloss - Typically provides a matte sheen resulting in a less professional look.
  • Minimal protection - Uneven paint application can allow water and chemicals to penetrate down to underlying material.
  • Non-vandal resistant - Vandalism often difficult if not impossible to remove.


3M Vinyl

Advantage Church Signs exclusively uses 3M high performance vinyl for graphics and letter application in our sign faces. 3M is the pioneer and industry leader in quality graphics material. The vinyl is cut using high precision, computer-driven plotters to create the sharpest image possible. It is then applied using the second surface manufacturing method to give it extra protection from the elements and vandalism.

3M Vinyl
  • Superior color consistency - The highest quality 3M manufacturing methods provide the highest level of even color and light distribution.
  • UV protection - 3M vinyl has UV protection built right into the vinyl, providing an extra layer of protection against yellowing and fading.
  • Sharp graphics and letters - Computer cut to exacting specifications, your sign face will look great for years to come.
Lesser Vinyl or Paint Application
  • Inferior color consistency - Backlit translucent surfaces easily reveal even the slightest uneven paint application or variation in vinyl thickness.
  • Little or no UV protection - Most offer no degree of UV protection, resulting in fading and yellowing faces over time.
  • Inferior graphics and letters - Lesser vinyl often curls or shrinks at the edges, resulting in a poor appearance. Paint cannot begin to match the sharpness of quality 3M vinyl.


Second Surface Decoration

When it comes to look and durability, not all sign faces are created equal! Many sign manufacturers resort to "first surface" application of paint or vinyl to their sign faces in an effort to save on cost. In this method, the graphics are applied directly to the outside of the sign face. The result is a sign that looks inferior and performs poorly.

In "second surface" manufacturing, the graphics are applied to the inside of a clear outer material. Advantage Church Signs exclusively uses the second surface manufacturing method with quality 3M vinyl applied under durable SGC 100 Lexan® by General Electric. The result is a superior finish that provides a great look and unbeatable durability.

First Surface
  • Matte appearance - Dull, non-reflective surface that looks cheap.
  • Easily scratched and damaged - Because it is applied on the outside of the sign, the vinyl or paint is easily marred from trees, debris, and the elements.
  • No protection from vandalism - The vinyl or paint graphics are directly exposed to spray paint, eggs, and other substances. Due to absorption and rough surfaces, these substances are often difficult if not impossible to remove, especially if left to dry.
  • No protection from UV rays - Due to outside application, there is no covering to absorb or reflect UV light. This results in color degradation, flaking or bubbling over time.
Second Surface

  • Glossy appearance - A semi-reflective surface that gives the sign a quality look and feel.
  • Protected from scratches and other damage - Because it is underneath the tough outer layer of Lexan, your vinyl graphics can't be damaged by outside elements.
  • Protected from vandalism - Spray paint and egg wipes right off of the smooth outer Lexan with rubbing alcohol, even if dry.
  • Protected from UV rays - UV protection built into both the outer Lexan and 3M vinyl prevent damage and yellowing from the sun's harmful rays.